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Confident Public Speaking Hypnosis

Confident Public Speaking Hypnosis

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businessmeeting02Public Speaking Nerves

Public speaking is one of the most popular or should I say unpopular tasks that many people dread being asked to do. Indeed a person can experience an instant state of panic just at the thought of speaking in public.


Fear of Speaking in Public

The fear of addressing an audience, group or meeting, whether that is a social or professional group can be all consuming and play on someone’s mind so much, it can affect their ability to get sleep.

Public speaking at meetings or presentations can be so frightening for some people that they will avoid promotion at work because they know that the new position will require them talk in front of others.


Why does speaking in public have such an instant reaction of fear in so many people?


Public Speaking Fear Causes

More often than not, the cause of the anxiety of making a speech is connected to a past event. It could be that the person remembers being ridiculed in front of their class as a small boy or girl. It could be that at university they did not prepare adequately enough for a presentation and forgot what they wanted to say. Some people just hate being in the spotlight and feel uncomfortable in being the centre of attention.


Public Speaking Hypnotherapy

The good news is that help is available to improve existing presentation skills and reduce and release public speaking nerves and anxiety. Hypnotherapy is one of the most effective forms of help. It changes “wrong” thinking, releasing anxiety and tension.

Hypnotherapy aids public speaking confidence by helping you to change the way you think or perceive your speech, presentation or meeting skills and abilities. It brings with it a state calmness and relaxation that then gets associated with giving a speech confidently and with authority.


Public Speaking Confidence

Hypnotherapy for speaking in public assists you to feel more assured and confident. Many of the clients I have helped over the years, as a natural result of changed thinking, talk about enjoying and relishing speaking in front of others. In fact, with the help of hypnotherapy sessions I provided, they have changed their view of public speaking so much that they often volunteer to speak.

If you would also like to release your public speaking phobia, hypnotherapy can help you. Just imagine what it would be like to feel confident and calm when talking to groups of people?

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