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Financial Anxiety, Worries & Hypnotherapy

During these unusual and disturbing financial times it can be easy to slip into panic mode. The world and its financial health is going through a crisis of confidence during what has been called the credit crunch. When confidence slips people become more wary and even withdraw.

You may be worried about the safety of your current job. If you lose your job or your earning levels reduce the next thing you may get anxious about is how are you going to pay your bills. How will you pay your mortgage or rent?

All of these concerns are very real and appropriate. We are seeing the largest and previously considered, safest of corporations including banks struggle to survive. Some banks have already gone to the wall.

Hype Drives Anxiety and Worries

All the hype you read in the newspapers and watch on television just adds to the consensus that we are in for a difficult period. The end of the recession, which most financial analysts agree we are already in, no matter which country you reside in, is at best a year away and at worst more.

It doesn’t look good and it is natural for anyone to become more stressed and anxious as further unexpected and unwanted shocks to the financial system unfold.

How To Cope With Financial Threats

So how is the ordinary man or woman in the street expected to cope with all this financial doom and gloom? After all if you allow yourself to get caught up in the financial hysteria you could find yourself frozen by anxiety. You may find yourself doing nothing when you should be taking action. Your sense of worry or fear may make you de-motivated and apathetic when you should be using your motivation to take action.

Stress and Anxiety – Motivator or Demotivator?

Stress or anxiety can be a motivator too though. There are some people who seem to thrive on stress. So we don’t all react in the same way. One thing is clear though, losing your way and feeling a victim will not help you. Facing up to reality and taking action will not only enable you to feel good it will also motivate you to know that you can make a difference.

Self Hypnosis for Relaxation and Motivation

One practice that can really help keep your stress and anxiety to a manageable level is the relaxation method known as self hypnosis. Self hypnosis in one form or another has been used for hundreds of years as a way of relaxing and reducing stress.

Powerful Uses for Self Hypnosis

In fact mothers-to-be, who want a natural child birth will often turn to self hypnosis so that they can enjoy a more relaxed and comfortable pregnancy and birth for all concerned. Some dentists teach their patients self hypnosis as an alternative to anaesthesia. A Manchester hospital teaches its patients who suffer from IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) self hypnosis to help them reduce their stress and anxiety levels and control their symptoms.

Even high-flying executives of multi-national corporations have recognised the positive benefits of not only exercising the body at the local gym but relaxing the mind to enable them to function and handle highly challenging and ordinarily stressful events.

Relaxation Brings Clearer Thinking

A reduction in stress levels and anxiety can lead to clearer thinking. If we think more clearly we are more likely to feel motivated to take the action that we need to and cope with life’s ups and downs. Clear thinking can often lead to new ideas and solutions to previously considered insurmountable problems.

Drugs, Drink and Sex Are No Solution

Some people turn to drugs or drink or sex during stressful times as a form of escape. Unfortunately none of these tactics resolve anything and are actually more likely to lead to increased stress and worry.

Easy Self Hypnosis Brings Comfort, Peace and Inspiration

The basics of self hypnosis can be learnt in one 90 minute session. The session can be tailored to your individual needs too and is often supported by a self hypnosis recording to take away with you. The great news is that once you have learnt self hypnosis it is a skill for life. You can use it to help with so many future occasions such as in sport, public speaking, weight, alcohol, confidence, smoking and so much more.

The relaxation you enjoy through using self hypnosis can help you and inspire you to even greater successes than you have enjoyed before no matter what the financial climate may be. As you know, even in the gloomiest of times there are people who not only survive but they thrive. You can be one of them too.

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